Custom appearance

Make your meeting room screen truly yours. Follow the steps below to showcase your brand with a custom logo and background. A tailored appearance means a more engaging experience for all.

Adding a company logo

Adding a company logo
A snippet of the Settings interface showing a company logo being added to the solution
  1. Navigate to Appearance Settings:

    • Start by opening Settings and selecting the Appearance section.

  2. Upload Your Logo:

    • Click on Choose a logo under "Company logo" to open a file browser window.

    • Find and select an image file in the .svg format, then click Open.

  3. Preview and Confirm:

    • After the file browser closes, you'll be back in the application settings to preview your selected logo.

    • Once set, the logo will be displayed on the top right of the home screen.

Adding a background

Adding a background
A glimpse at the many background options that are offered in the solution by default

Option 1: Using a Gallery Image

  1. Access Appearance Settings:

    • Go to Settings and then the Appearance section.

  2. Choose a Gallery Image:

    • Under Background image, simply click on the preview of any gallery image to select it.

  3. See the Change:

    • Your home screen background will immediately reflect your choice.

Option 2: Using Your Own Image

  1. Start in Appearance:

    • Within the Appearance section, find the Choose your own image area under Background image.

  2. Select Your Image:

    • Clicking on this area will open a system file browser. Navigate to your desired image file and click Open.

  3. Preview and Confirm:

    • After closing the file browser, you'll be able to preview the image in the application settings, confirming it as your new background.

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