Improved AirPlay discovery

Improved AirPlay discovery

Improved AirPlay discovery

Improved AirPlay discovery

4.25 / 2.25

Released on


7 Nov 2023

Screen Sharing

Discovering a main display using AirPlay BLE
Discovering a main display using AirPlay BLE
Discovering a main display using AirPlay BLE
Discovering a main display using AirPlay BLE

With this update, mirroring your Apple® device to the main display (receiver) has never been easier. Even if you're not on the same network, as long as you're in close proximity, you can effortlessly connect and cast your screen.

How is this possible?

This experience is powered by AirPlay® BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), that works when your Apple device is close enough to the main display (usually when you're in the same room). This allows your device to establish an AirPlay connection, even if you're not on the same network. Just ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on the main display, and you're good to go.

Teachers, confirm only once

For educators, we're committed to ensuring our solution complements your teaching, not complicates it. We've heard your frustrations about the need to confirm your connection every session, and we're pleased to inform you that this issue has been addressed.

In this update, a one-time confirmation is all that's required for teachers on each device. After you're confirmed, you're all set for future sessions. This one-time step ensures you can quickly get on with your lesson, without any further unnecessary interruptions.

Toggle the Whiteboard

You now have the option to toggle the Whiteboard feature on or off. Users will see this toggle feature in the Settings and can choose to disable the Whiteboard and remove this tool from the home screen on their main display.

For new users, Whiteboard will be off by default, so head to Settings > Session Management and toggle Whiteboard for this to appear on your homepage at the bottom left.

For existing users, you’ll see this change in Settings but we won’t be removing Whiteboard automatically, we’re putting control of your home screen back in your hands.

Other fixes + improvements

  • We've improved stability and performance by updating WebRTC to Version 116.

  • We've improved the handling of our Google Cast services, ensuring our solution uses Google Cast more effectively without side effects like temporary freezes.

  • Fixed a bug where screen sharing from the browser to the Windows Receiver freezes if there's no movement for a few seconds.

  • Fixed a bug in the Android Receiver where the AirPlay Service name wasn't updating after changing the Room name.

  • Fixed a bug where AirPlay would quit unexpectedly with 4 connections in Grid View.

  • Fixed a bug in the Windows desktop app where the volume remains muted even after stopping screen sharing.

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