The February Update

The February Update

The February Update

The February Update


Released on


28 Feb 2022


New This Month

This quality update brings canvas and layer panel improvements. We’ve updated the Component symbol throughout the app to differentiate it from Grids. Plus, we’ve made Primary Breakpoints and Variants more distinct in the left panel, making it easier to see if you’re editing the primary or an instance. Breakpoints will now also show the ranges in the layer panel. See more updates below.

From January

Last month, we added support for automatic tinting and new layout options for components, plus a whole lot of fixes and improvements. If you give your Page a Fill color, this will now also tint browsers like Safari and will ensure you don’t get plain white backgrounds when overscrolling on any mobile device. Plus, we’ve added support for Min Max sizing to all Smart and Code components, greatly simplifying many common layouts and patterns. See the full changelog below.

  • We automatically set the body background, based on your Page’s fill color

  • You can now override the body background and customize per breakpoint

  • We now support Min Max sizing for all Smart and Code Component

  • We now consistently show the Min Max hint within the property panel

  • You can now use all alignment options for layers with Position set to Fixed

  • We now inform you if a parent layer height changes due to layout edits

  • We improved the Radius and Padding controls, no longer resetting values

  • Number inputs split in four no longer show steppers, so longer values fit

  • We improved Appear Effects using Scale with Spring transitions