Email templates

Discover two ready-to-use email templates below. Copy, paste, and start spreading the word within your organization. Having chosen to enhance meeting room experiences, it's now time to get the word out.

Option 1

To all staff,

We’re keen to ensure the meeting spaces we’ve provided offer everything you need to have productive and effective collaboration.

With that in mind, we’ve installed a new application called Launcher. You’ll see this on the meeting room screens in the coming days.

Launcher will show you:

  • The room’s calendar and availability

  • Shortcuts to popular apps, web links and folders

  • Tools to launch calls from the display or from your device

To learn more about Launcher please visit: or contact <IT admin name> at <IT admin email>

Option 2

Dear All Staff,

Shared meeting spaces, hybrid working, and video collaboration are at the heart of the new way of working. But the experience can be frustrating for room users and IT admins alike, with technical difficulties, security risks, and inflexible setups.

That’s why we’ve invested in Launcher to solve these common problems, ensuring our meeting spaces give you access to the tools and platforms you need.

With Launcher you can:

  • Connect calls quickly across any video provider

  • Reduce the amount of time and effort needed for pre meeting set up

  • Use shortcuts to access the tools and platforms you need

To learn more contact:
<IT admin email>

Learning resources can be found at: